Our Team

Our Team


Dr. Zulqarnain Z Bhaisaheb (M.D. Hom)

Dr. Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb is a practicing Homeopath by profession with specialization in Homeopathic Pediatrics. Being younger brother of present 45th Spiritual Leader of the Alavi Bohra community, he is a philanthropist and a staunch believer in the upliftment of the society through quality education and modernized approaches. He is associated with many community organizations and have imparted his benevolent services to them in every possible aspect.

“Service to Mankind is the greatest achievement one can get and TADBEER Foundation is dedicated to serve the masses in every possible way as far as the Psychological aspects are concerned.” – Dr. Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb

Vice President

Naasheta Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb (M.A Psychology)

Mrs. Naasheta Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb is a counselor and a patron working towards the betterment of the society since an early age. She trusts in using her education to deliver a positive mindset to the distressed, thereby ensuring their sustenance towards a healthy lifestyle.

“We are dedicated to serve the young population at the Psychological and Educational levels. TADBEER is a chance for us to turn to furtherance of the society.” – Naasheta Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb


Zabeen S Sorangwala (MBA Finance)

“Being a PTA committee member at the Convent of Jesus and Mary Girl’s High School, Vadodara, I have a keen interest in counselling and like to work for social cause. TADBEER is a great team to work with.”


Safiyuddin Umallawala (B. Com)

“As Tadbeer foundation is first and only NGO of our community, I joined the same to be a part of the social work for betterment of my community and the society as a whole.”

Sakina Surti (B. Com) – Member

“Fond of reading, books have lent me a way to direct my life for social causes, and TADBEER oriented me to work for the same.”

Hussain Salim Tinwala (Student – B.Pharm) – Member

“I joined TADBEER FOUNDATION with an aim to giving something back to the society and enrich my own self as a better human being.”

Finhasali Navsariwala (M.E Structural Engineering) – Member

“There is an utter urgency to guide the people who are led astray due to various anti-social means. TADBEER is a ray of hope in these dark times.”

Maimanah (Creative Head) – Member

“At TADBEER everyone shares the same passion to serving the society. After joining TADBEER I got a great feeling of accomplishment as you know your work is helping others. I can proudly say that my learning and personal growth accelerated by working with them.”

Maymana Chinwala (Housewife) – Member

“Being a housewife I was looking to get myself involved in some fruitful activities and what can be more fruitful than serving the society? This idea made me join TADBEER and various activities conducted under its banner not only transformed the lives of others but also rejuvenated my life completely.”

Mozaiyana Bhaisaheb (BA in English) – Member

“I have pursued BA in English and at present a house-wife. I was always interested in contributing to the society by any means and TADBEER gave me an opportunity to do so.”

Muzayyana Vohra (B.Com D.A.A) – Member

“I am skilled in the art of Mehdi designs, glass painting, craft and much more and teach the same to many children. As a member of TADBEER, I want to use my skills for the development of the needy and to serve for the well-being of the society.”

Mubina Vasanwala (B. COM) – Member

“Being a tutor I very well understand the significance of education in shaping the world of today and tomorrow. The concept of TADBEER matches to my notion and that’s the reason of our association.”

Ali Hussain Ronakali Vohra (Student – B. COM) – Member

“I have a sheer concern towards child development and TADBEER through its various events works for the same aspect which let me be a part of this NGO.”

Hasanali Ismail Vohra (Sales Officer) – Member

“I myself have been through many hardships and an NGO provides a chance of interacting with and supporting people who are going through tough time be it physical, mental or emotional. I feel passionate about making change and the change has to begin from a ground level where its most required.”

Nuruddin Bhaisaheb (BBA, Sportsperson) – Member

“Joined TADBEER with the motive to serve people to the best of my capability in every manner.”

Aliasgar Shabbirhussain Surti (Software Engineer) – Member

“Have joined TADBEER to bring out the best in the underprivileged group of people and to do my bit.”

Shenaaz Mukhtarhussain Baldiwala (B.A, B.Ed) – Member

“I am a teacher by profession and have close association with children and a deep love and care for them. My association with TADBEER broadens my circle of reaching out to those children who are not as fortunate as a few.”

Nuruddin Chinwala (B. Pharm) – Member

“I wish to create awareness in different fields which can be beneficial for humanity and community and that’s the reason why I have joined TADBEER NGO.”

Safika Navsariwala (Student – M.Sc in Applied Chemistry) – Member

“Keen interest to work for the community and society made me to be a part of TADBEER.”

Aliakbar Nadeali Kanjriwala (B. Com) – Member

“There are many ways to help the society and TADBEER is one such means.”

Shafea. H. Bhaisaheb (B. Com) – Member

“I am under the teacher’s training of E.C.C.E at Podar International School. I am fond involving myself with the kids and imparting guidance to them in helping to build a more thoughtful and educated society.”

Qudshiya Motiwala (M.Sc Food and Nutrition) – Member

“Joined TADBEER Foundation because it’s a foundation where I can practice my profession as a Nutritionist with the motive of social service.”

Rukaiya Bhaisaheb (Graphics Designer) – Member

“Joined TADBEER Foundation to serve the society.”

Nadeali Husenibhai Samlayawala (B. Com) – Member

“Service to mankind is service to God. Through TADBEER I put this proverb into action.”

Turabali Aliabbas Vohra (Mechanical Engineer) – Member

“TADBEER is an NGO where I feed my hunger to serve the society.”

Qasimali I Barodawala (M.E- Structure Engineer) – Member

“There is an utmost need to serve the society and extend our help to the needy. The education sector is the best way to elevate the society and TADBEER is working in the same direction.”

Nazneen Kachwala (Electrical Engineer, Writer) – Member

“Self-driven to serve the society since an early age, I could very well relate to the aims and objectives of TADBEER Foundation that has drawn a brand new personal and professional roadmap for me. TADBEER has molded the lives of the young and the old in an optimistic manner and it’s great to be a part of the foundation and make my own contributions.”