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Day: August 18, 2017

Seminar on Cyber Safety

Seminar on Cyber Safety


A Seminar was organised on Cyber Safety (Think Before You Click)  in the Zenith School. More than 100 Students Participated in the Seminar.

Mr Manish Gokani (Member of Cyber Suraksha Kawach and A Cyber Safety Expert) delivered the Pearls of Knowledge for the students.

Mr Manish Gokani said that In today’s Scenario Students are much more addicted to Social Media. They spend their valuable time on their Computer or on the Smart phone daily for more than 5-6 hours which is highly risky for their Health and Studies too. Now a days they don’t meet their Friends personally and like to get them connected through Social Media. In the Present Days the Children are used to the pornograhic websites which results in the Crime and this is because of the excessive use of Internet.

He also gave the Guidance regarding the activities done on the Internet which is against the CYBER LAW. Every student should have certain knowledge about the Cyber Law which saves them from any risk factors of the Internet. He told the students about the Cyber Safety Laws in the Indian Penal Code For Eg :- Starting Someone’s Laptop without his permission is also a Cyber Crime. Lastly he said that the Students should use the Internet according to his Need.